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Last modified: February 17, 2014

Magnesiacore Projects Gallery
(email us magnesiacore project photos for our picture gallery)

Commercial Building designed and built utilizing magnesiacore technology inside and outside:

Exterior panel system using square 4 x 4 (122x122cm) panels mechanically fastened to metal framing with screws and flexible caulked joints. Exterior decorative coating applied directly without plaster base coat. Self countersunk screws, efficient secure flexible mechanical fastening. 18mm (3/4") floor panel on metal joists @ 30cm (12") o/c floor system. Natural true square corners without great effort and skills. Interior ceiling bulkheads with magnesiacore used as drywall. One material to do the whole project for both interior and exterior panels. Maximizing the use of dry construction means and methods for speed, precision and efficiency in resources applied.

Non combustible hotel construction solution:

Solution applied such as to a hotel roofing project to create a structure that is entirely non combustible. Roof structure with engineered metal framing and metal deck over which 15mm (~5/8") magnesiacore is applied with self countersink screws. Asphalt shingles are applied to magnesiacore using crown roofing staples (like those used for plywood). Plywood is not permitted as part of a roof structures that requires a non-combustible rating as in this new multi storey hotel.

Restaurant exterior clad with magnesiacore and stucco:
Working in extreme cold from -10 to -25 makes wet plastering risky. With heat or chemically cured wet material to prevent freezing result are often unknown. Magnesiacore and screws make cold temperatures irrelevant to a stucco base that is perfectly smooth and uniform with consistent quality regardless of working temperature. Exterior decorative coating spray applied or rolled on without plaster base coat. Self countersunk screws for flexible fasteners. Natural true corners without metal trim to risk rust and weaken the system. Installed in a ratio of three day's labour (when using magnesiacore dry panels) instead of three weeks to do wet plastering. Perfect stucco renderings without plaster trowel marks, undulations and uncertainty in the curing of any wet applied plaster.

Ideal restoration material; Magnesiacore is trusted to provide restorative and protective finish to important medieval structures to help preserve ancient art and artifacts within historic buildings and architectural treasures using the best modern conservation methods. (Piazza San Marco Venice Italy). Magnesiacore knows the problems and provides the solutions.
anchient artifacts art restoration restorations restauration protection ancient restoration

Sea Side Hotel Construction: selected for natural resistance to the exposure to salt and humidity of the beach front environment in building of new luxurious hotels.
exterior hotel facade exterior facade

Facility Facade & Interior Makeover Material:

Commercial Store Facade Makeover:

Two layer system, with one layer of magnesiacore over a second layer. Exterior decorative coating applied directly without wet plaster base coat. Self-countersunk screw mechanical fastening. Natural corners without metal trim to rust or weaken the system. Faster installation using a ratio of three day's labour when using magnesiacore dry panels instead of three weeks to do wet plaster. Perfect stucco renderings without plaster trowel marks, undulations and the uncertainty associated with curing wet applied cement plaster.

food store facade food store facade food store facade or a one layer panel system


magnesiacore padova magnesiacore padova soffit... and soffits.


For High Quality Historical Buildings such and old museums for the very detailed wall work in lieu of using a cement plaster or masonry and whenever paper or plastic faced materials will be insulting to the area architecture:
museo palazzo crepadona museo palazzo crepadona meseo palazzo crepadona Museo Palazzo Crepadona baths


For Highly Detailed Wall and Ceiling Works:

magnesaicore detailed magnesiacore detailed magnesiacore detailed magnesiacore detailed magnesiacore detailed

with unlimited fine details possible from a solid material working in three dimensions by cutting and laminating to allow more possibilities with less skills and time.


Encapsulating Material to Reduce Demolition, Disposal and Removals:

magnesiacore encapsulation magnesiacore encapsulation magnesiacore encapsulation magnesiacore encapsulation magnesiacore encaqpsulation

as pictured applied over existing roofs structures and elsewhere to receive new finishing and roofing materials over the old structure.


Industrial Non combustible Wallboarding:

industrial non combustible industrial non combustible industrial non combustible walls industrial non combustible walls industrial non combustible wall


For Below Ground Construction:

below ground below ground construction bellow ground


Above Ground Construction:

above ground construction above ground construction above ground construction above ground building above ground building


Exterior Building Makeover Systems:

exterior makeover makeover building makeover made over building makeover building madeover building madeover building made over building made over building madeover building

Non-insulated solid masonry building made-over with insulation and reflective foil wrap over which solid exterior board finishing system and rendering is applied.


Balcony railing and divider infill panels.

In this example prefinished aluminum sheets are laminated to magnesiacore on one side allowing textured coatings or other finishes to match the building facade on the exterior side.

Pool Room Wall and Ceiling Board:

Challenge met to provide mix finishes of natural wood and a panel material for the interior of an enclosed residential Pool Room subject to high humidity, chlorine, mould  damage in the closed ambient of a very cold climate. Interior walls and ceiling sections in magnesiacore, jointed and filled with highly resistant filler. Cedar strips used on slopes. Decorative coating applied directly without wet plaster base coat. Self countersunk screws for efficient, secure flexible mechanical fastening. Highly inert fillers used on joints and nails holes trimmed flush with a sharp blade for resistance to humid environment and harsh chemicals.

High-Rise Apartment Low Impact Flooring:
High-rise Apartment Buildings often use carpeted areas (...many times its mandated by the Condominium Corporation) to reduce noise transmission going from upper floors to lower floors. This video shows a penthouse suite having its carpeting removed and replaced with a hard magnesiacore surface artistically painted ... with two layers of magnesiacore glued together over the original cushion carpet under-pad. The versatility offered for multi-storey residential buildings with  magnesiacore now permits hard floors such as painted, ceramic tile and other hard  surface flooring to be applied while complying with the rules of most Condominium Corporations for the reduction of impact and foot noise between floors.

Commercial Flooring:
flooring flooring flooring flooring flooring
Unique attractive commercial flooring installations installed with a floating adhesive system. Also suitable for application with Acoustical Goo (also available from Magnesiacore Inc.) to increase sound dampening by using floating isolated mass. Jointing with flush seamless methods for ease of floor cleaning and waxing. Installed in large 4 x 8 slabs and 4 x 4 slabs. Used 9mm (3/8") white and grey. Adhered to existing wood subfloor without surface fasteners. Fast efficient installation. Cutting using normal carpentry tools.

Basement Dry Floor Subfloor:
1/4" Magnesiacore is applied in two layers glued and stapled together into a 1/2" solid floating concrete-dense mass. In this case it is applied over a thick waterproof foam insulation due to the cold wet damp basement conditions being mitigated. Created a raised dry basement subfloor for a snap together pre-finished plank flooring that goes overtop. This system performs as both as an insulated dry floor that will not rot, as well as provides high acoustical attenuation for the new warm and very quiet basement family room.

Blend of the ancient and the modern:

Centuries old timbers are reclaimed from a church demolition and reconfigured to build a park shelter canopy utilizing magnesiacore over the new but ancient hardwood superstructure. Magnesiacore is used in a sandwich panel with torch applied asphaltic membrane roofing over the top layer. On the bottom panel, penetrating stain is applied to blend the visible layer of panels with the dark ancient wood structure below. Altogether making this new structure look ancient while being in fact new and built with updated modern materials and methods.

Bathroom and Shower Wall and Ceiling Board:

Retail customer goes to the local building supply to pick up cement board and drywall to do a new bathroom interior for his house. While there he saw the magnesiacore mock-up and samples and chose magnesiacore 1/2" (12mm) white for the whole bathroom. This eliminated the use of dissimilar materials in drywall and cement board avoiding transition joints between painted and tiled surfaces to reduce material waste and labour. Clean cuts around electrical boxes using normal carpentry tools. Self countersunk screws. No transition required between painted and tiled surfaces. Natural true square corners without great effort. No filling or taping required for tiled areas. One material to do the whole bathroom with tiled and painted surfaces.

Earthen Kitchen Countertop:

Old shop kitchen cabinet remodelled by applying 5/8" (15mm) magnesiacore over existing particleboard countertop using brad nails with nail gun. New countertop can be left with filled joints and polished for a natural earthen countertop or to be used as underlayment for a future application of mosaic, ceramic tile, or plastic laminate. 5/8" (15mm) magnesiacore cut on table saw with wood cutting blade in size measured to fit to covering existing built in counter top. Gap left between panels to take Bondo filler to depth of panels. Chipped away old particleboard where swollen from moisture to make even without demolition and associated mess and costs to replace with new. Applied 3mm (1/8) magnesiacore as levelling strips before applying 15mm (5/8") counter (white material in picture 5). Cook-top rests on non-combustible magnesiacore for added peace of mind. Shelf trimmed around faucet with a jigsaw after installation for ease of access yet to be sanded smooth. All work installed with brad nails in a quick clean operation. Immune to damage from heat and humidity in the shop kitchen environment.

Ceramic Floor Tile Underlayment over Plywood Subfloor:
Removing old scratch and lath Removing old tiles and scratch upgrading the scratch coat laying magnesiacore
In house renovation project 1/4" (9mm) magnesiacore replaces the old stapled down wire lath and scratch coat that was removed in this series of pictures. Magnesiacore is scored and snap to size and adhered to the plywood subfloor. Ready to receive new granite tiles will little mess or downtime and without waiting for scratch coats to cure. A flexible but solid connection between the base, tiles and sub-floor is achieved to reduce the likelihood of cracks. No mess of wet mixed and poured scratch coats. The smooth working surface saves on floor mix adhesive on uniform underlayment, which uses a finer toothed floor mix spreader extending the coverage per bag. Facilitates better tile placement and uniform surface finish

Makeover Exterior Pressure Treated Wood Balconies & Decks:

Since 2004 many jurisdictions have banned the use of Arsenic Wood Preservative Treatment in exposed residential construction to reduce the accumulation of arsenic from physical contact with some pressure treated wood. The common green PT wood decks, balconies and railings on residential exteriors (such as the old balcony pictured below) have the ability to be made-over by encapsulating them (reducing physical contact with the arsenic releasing surfaces) with magnesiacore cut into strips and panels giving them a new life as supporting structure for hard flexible concrete-like surface. 5/8" (15mm) grey used cut to 24" wide slabs for the deck floor surface. 1/4" (6mm) grey cut in strips of 1,5/8" and 2" wide to make over 2" x 2" pickets and 1/4" (6mm) grey strips cut 9" wide to cover the wood handrail all fastened with inexpensive 18 gage SS brad nails. Simple, economical and effective solution to make-over a PT wood balcony deck and encapsulate the existing arsenic releasing pressure treated lumber for a do it yourself project or professional installation.

Interior Wall Board:

Building a wall in an already finished house without creating a mess and dust to disturb the rest of the family. Take time, a little at a time and build without an assistant or fine taping and get a high quality job. Solution uses 1,5/8" steel studs and 1/2" magnesiacore white in handy panels of 32" x 48" with square edge and gap to fill easier. Using Bondo rather than taping compound allows filing and trimming  by a sharp blade for perfect flush results without sanding or wide feathered joints that requires more skills, mess, dust and work to get right. Using light weight 32" x 48" panels to easily board without an assistant. Gap left between panels to depth of panels and avoid tape. Countersink used at screws for clean circular holes to make filling easy. Butt to a wall condition against the existing finish wall protected with masking tape to avoid repainting. Excess filler shaved off that fall to the ground as shavings without creating air borne dust.

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